This Summer, Build The Future.

We’re an Innovation Camp for young minds. We bring experts to guide and inspire through Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math based education.

When we were growing up, we loved video games and the internet, and we wished there was a place where we could go to learn how to bring our own ideas to life, and to make the things we loved even more fun.

So we got through high school, then went to college to study computer science and digital art. We got better at it, got jobs in tech and game development,

and eventually learned so much that we were able to teach those subjects at the University level. Our students would often come up to us after class and say things like, “I wish you were a teacher at my high school, I wish I’d learned this back then,” or “I wish we had more hands-on development experience by now.”

So now we’re building the learning experience we wish we’d had when we were kids. We’re designing it to give you the best possible start in making your dreams come to life.

Hope to see you soon,
Jesus and Joowon

Our students learn how to make their own website, mobile app, VR and AR environment--all in one weekend.

After the weekend is over, the learning doesn’t end. Students can join and interact with a community of people who work in tech and gaming, ask them questions, and continue discovering how to bring their ideas to life.

By the end of the summer, students will have more than just an app. They might even start the next big thing.

We're passionate educators with a goal, sparking innovation and entrepreneurship skills in the young minds of today, through project-based education, personal mentorship and guidance.

Web + App Professor

Professor of advanced web applications, consultant, and entrepreneur. Jesus lectures at the University of Houston, introducing students to web and mobile application development.


VR + AR Professor

A game art and animation professor, consultant, and entrepreneur. She’s been teaching for more than 8 years, recently at the University of Houston and formerly at the Art Institute of Houston.


Small class sizes, low student-teacher ratio 7:1.

College professors with real-world work experience.

More than a weekend--a portal for learning.

Zero busy work. Leave camp with tangible results.

See how we're having fun!

A weekend camp covers everything from epic instructors, light snacks, software, hardware, developer tools, and an educational gift bag.

We place focus in creating a learning experience that makes an impact in our campers minds.

Fun hands-on educational learning takes energy, as such light healthy snacks be provided to each of our campers.

We provide hardware and software at camp, so our campers can focus on learning at camp.

Gift bag full of educational and fun stuff (shh, it’s a surprise).

Station Houston

Downtown Houston, Texas

1301 Fannin St #2440, Houston TX 77002

Station Houston is the epicenter of the Houston Startup community, hosting over 120 Houston startups. It is considered the hub for entrepreneurs involved in a wide variety of industries using Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics to move innovation forward.

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