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It was inspiring educating, guiding and inspiring young minds through Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math based education in 2017.

Our camps have closed, but our hearts and endeavors will continue on making an impact on young minds.

LevelUp Camp is brought to you by two lifelong learners and passionate educators who also happen to be professors at the University of Houston.

We’re an innovation camp offering kids the opportunity to attain and expand their innovative potential through hands-on learning, razor sharp focused guidance and instruction of STEAM based curricula catered to each kids’ level of understanding.

Joowon Kim is a game art and animation professor, consultant, and entrepreneur. She’s been teaching for more than 8 years, recently at the University of Houston and formerly at the Art Institute of Houston. She’s an expert in VR and AR technologies, having co-founded a company that uses the power of VR to build environments that mitigate pain for patients with chronic illnesses. She’s also created several video games at hackathons, including an Oculus Gear VR Game Jam that introduced her to building in VR. Joowon has been excited about making video games since playing them with her older brother as kids.

Jesus Hernandez is a professor of advanced web applications, consultant, and entrepreneur. Jesus lectures at the University of Houston, introducing students to web and mobile application development. He’s also a photographer and an expert in user experience, strategy, and design. One of his favorite video games right now is The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild due because of its powerful storytelling through music and art, and he’s really looking forward to Cuphead coming out this summer (fingers crossed) because of its potential to introduce new audiences to the history of animation.

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