Why should I send my kid to LevelUp Camp?

For kids today, 85% of the jobs they’ll have in their lifetime haven’t been invented yet. So how do you prepare them for the future? Education experts say the best way is through experiential learning that connects the dots between disciplines. Fortunately, most kids enjoy this way of learning much more than a traditional classroom setting.

That’s how we’re designing LevelUp Camp. Students will learn by doing, with fun breaks and hands-on work, so it sticks with them. Students won’t just learn how to make a web app and a VR environment, they’ll learn why it matters, what kinds of things they can make right now, and how to bring their creations to market. One of our goals is to instill a sense of entrepreneurship, illustrating what the tech industry looks like now and how experts think it will change over the next few years.

Students will leave the workshop not with busywork, but with tangible things they’ve made and concrete steps to keep learning and making.

What’s your teaching methodology?

Though researchers are always learning new things about how the mind retains information, the latest studies show that experiential education works best in circumstances where students need to not just understand facts but apply them and solve problems on the fly. In other words, the best way to learn how to solve problems is to solve problems. It’s our belief that problem solving skills get better with a balance of practice and study.

Can I come, too?

Parents are invited to the demo showcase party on the second day of the two-day camp. There, you’ll be able to see the web apps and walk around in the VR environment your child has built.


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